I’m alright

the weight of her past on her left shoulder
the weight of the future on her right
her footing staggered
so she walked in circles
walking around the answer
the harder she turned left
the more she went right
she said she is all
all is she said she
was fine

she speaks and holds onto the last syllable
long enough for you to understand the first
her thirst
never quenched
though she drinks her tears
only to reshed the salt
that has dried up her evaporating sunshine
before it reaches the heavens
uncompleting her cycle
see her circles are uncomplete

leaving room for the answer to evade
her sight of vision
her side view blocked
by her past and future
turning her head to see who is calling her
hurts too bad
so she continues to walk
hoping someone catches up to her
to ask if she is okay
okay is she if you ask

its hard to see straight when your tears
block your vision
acting as magnifying tools to dialate with precision
envision no pain
envision sunshine with no rain
now envision yourself living in vain
take a look in the mirror and relive it again

pools of past pains penetrate petrified quicksand
a quick stand
is what she needs
reaching out to all the wrong reachees
its hard to run away from the past
when your living on your knees
praying for the future to come with ease
its okay to let it out
she said she is okay
okay is she
said she
was lying…..

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