As I sit in silence

Silently awaiting His words

His touch

His feel

I am so filled w/ fear of the unknown

That I know not how I feel

And it is painful

As I watch my eyes cry inward

No liquid flows from my cheeks

The world was meant for the meek

Where is what I seek

There is such a dark person staring at me

Telling me what to say when I speak

Telling me how to act when I think

I watch black and red butterflies

Flutter by

Suddenly they cry

In slow motion their floating turns

To constant commotion

And their devotion is to their plight

I am yet an obstacle they see when darkness becomes light

I can see them but can not see me for they have no sight

Light is white

Transparent and apparent to the dark

So why we dwell in dark

We do not see the light

We can not see the light

We do not want the light

I need my light

I need to watch the darkness dissipate

Into embers of purple epiphanies

I need the light to pierce me

w/ star filled symphonies

a butterfly is yet a matured worm

which goes from a squirm to the possession

of an incredibly captivating epiderm

but on the inside is he still the same worm

w/ wings would he still be the worm

I am sitting in silence

Thankful for the light

Thankful for the calm amidst the storm

Thankful that my God has my crown adorned w/ eternity

Eternally I sit in silence

Watching butterflies flutter by

Wondering why…..

Why do they fly…..


Wondering why can’t i…..


Through the silence

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