w/ stitched eyes God speaks to me through Braille sun-rays
w/ thick ties my hands bound and my arm hairs raise
w/ a closed mouth my words are captive behind pearl bars
w/ no ears I hear the song and dance of the stars

I’m only a man and am so flawed that I leave myself in awe
Through an x ray they say they found no beating heart
My transparency so vivid yet not there at all
No matter how tall I stand and fight I continue to fall

I be
The used to be me
He be Goliath

I do not fear him although he has more strength
w/ sling in hand I’ve cast so many stones I check my pocket
and wonder where they all went
so many years I’ve spent carrying this weight
my back is bent and curved over in place

this monster I face at a steady unyielding pace
I’ve been saved yet I misbehave even covered w/ grace
w/ my heightened awareness came conviction
I repent through diction and constant submission

I peel back my flesh test after test
My dreams and reality mesh
I dream of perfection
Yet my decisions
Selection after selection
Keep reality so alive
That I am only a man
And for perfection I can strive
Yet I will never achieve
But I always believe
That I am who I am supposed to be
And that is perfection to me