Set Me Free

Set me from the deception of having the perception
Perceived that if I leave this event without saving all those in need
To be well
That I’ve failed
That I didn’t love them accordingly
We are not created to save
Simply to love
Can you imagine what it must feel like to not remember the last time
You were spoken to by a real person or the last time you were hugged
The last time you felt human affection
The detection of some attention being paid
What it must feel like to feel emotionally and socially bankrupt
To feel like you have no other alternative to give up
know that everything we do to another person matters and is important
we can either make some sadder, madder, or help them clear up the distortion
both individually or via a multiple person cohortion
we were only called to love on a daily basis
set me free from the fear I feel to speak into unfamiliar faces
set me free  from the feeling that what I can do wont do
we are all put here to love everyone the way you want everyone to love you

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