Whispers wander out windows into whaling winds
carrying them further than ever intended
bandages to the soul could never erase scars
though wounds have been since mended
behind cerebral bars the thoughts descended

hard souls have since melted
felt every time leather tipped dominate comments
pushed through pores like cracked broken doors
and dried and died like whales on sea shores

left alone and unattended demented words
blind sided and in hind sight were never defended
speak when spoken to was always the limit
swallowed alive and still kicking like worm holes still spinning

dark blues and bright blacks swollen in packs
iced down to dull swelling dwelling inside
bubbling and boiling temperatures touch skin
to help divide the division within

speech is about perception conception is crucial
of metaphors, similes, nouns, and verbs
slurred to perfection for my selection
yet still inherited incorrectly like the crucible

low decimals ring loud when speaking abound
barriers of sound could never stop this
the deaf don’t need captions for the spoken feeling they capture
and even without lips you could feel its kiss

a word is so beautiful and I’ve accepted my duty to
put it together the only way I know how
so thankful for my blessing and lord I confess to thee
then was then and things are so different for me now

my needle and my thread to my words I bewed
as we write down the aisle and conceive our ink child
inspiration guides my hand heavy as lead
at some times in our life rights and wrongs come to a head

choices were made, some went and some stayed
but love is love all around
I write to survive, and read to stay alive
as long as there are words in my veins
pleasure, and pain, I’ll write to give life to my words.

I fly w/ birds of verbs
riding on a storm of metaphors w/ the doors
verses unseen as I slide by clean like sun gods under full moons
starlight illuminates my pen writing heiroglyphs like the moors

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