Perfection vs Progression

So often we spend time chasing down perfection
Playing connect the dots when the dots stay mobile
With no profile of the finished connection,
we make a profession of meticulous confession
exposing just enough to be open, while hiding under the shadow of detection

with so many mountains conquered and so many journeys completed
this person that we have created to represent us has become depleted
when this person has been sent into a war unequipped and will always end up defeated
we question what happened
we’ve spent so much time preparing, only to end up…

why is this?

My hypothesis would be that possibly we were never born to be perfect
It’s a stretch that only the imagination can conceive
yet we believe
Perfect we can be.
If we could we would already be so
Instead we find ourselves shrinking behind our thinking
self-deprecating as we go
what if we instead, pay more attention to the tension
we feel each time we feel a person residing in a place we don’t know
or is unfamiliar within ourselves
how did they find this part of me if I hid it behind the shelf?

Now, there’s movement within those walls and you don’t know who is in there
It’s the person you have always been
gasping for air

Its hard to accept them when you see them in the mirror and don’t recognize the stare.

Now, our quest for perfection is in overdrive
When we over strive we miss the progress
We detest the path we are on simply because it does not seem best
There’s no shoulders or guardrails and you’re wide open on this road
There’s no traffic
No sound
Just you, naked, and alone
so it seems
at the end of this road there is perfection
or so you think

When you pay attention to the steps instead of the end
you learn
About how you move and how your walk varies
You realize you’re stronger than you thought
The load becomes lighter
shedding the demons that we fought
When in the past we left them defeated
then helped them back up
and dusted them off
Put them on our back and with us
we carried
Slowing us down far more than we expected

My point is that perfection is unbelievably unachievable!

When we learn to feel secure in the fact that there is simply progress
We can enjoy life’s rest area’s and look forward to the next
Its simply where we are right here and right now
The curtains have not closed and its not time to bow

Life is never stagnant so don’t tell yourself it is
When you are still, it is a blessing, a gift, and an absolute thrill.
Enjoy where you are as you won’t be there long
You are progressing and its incredible and beautiful and a gift from God
That He loves us enough to not let us travel alone

As for you
You are perfectly made right now

Psalms 139

13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

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