Trust the process

There’s something that’s brewing under the surface in the stillness of a body of water.  It’s quite amazing how a single rock can be dropped into it and spawns a ripple effect that spans further than that rock can be remembered.  It is in these ripples that motion is propelled.  It is in this culmination of still and movement that this once calmly expansive body of water has now become a visual symphony.  This dance is where God works.  So often, blessings disguised as weights are placed into our hearts for a reason.  Its unrelenting grip can be a reminder or a nuisance.  I think it’s so often perspective at that point.  Fulfillment is found in a giving of one’s self.  That’s the easy part.  The more difficult part lives in the journey of finding out the target of which to propel oneself into.  If you’ve found it take aim.  If you’re aiming then let go.  If you’ve let go be patient and let the ripples work.  Trust me when I say they are working.

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