Often my friends joke about my common topic
Which is pain
But in a world where it’s effervescently present
Why should I have to drop it
Let me explain

Today we are taught to accentuate our strengths
And deny our weakness
But by design we aren’t called to carry around hearts so broken and dense
We inadvertently lose sight of our meeekness

Emotional wounds need to heal
Which often times takes a painful confrontation
Often times which misconstrue our triggers for what we truly feel
Afraid that those subdued predications of the internal hesitations will cause those who have expressed undying dedication to reconsider there designation

It’s just fear
It keeps you pinned to the wall
Our minds are working double time to find an answer which has always been near
Yet I completely abandoned my purpose and lost the way back to my car
Rattled at the slightest stall

I don’t have it figured out
Yet there’s one thing on which I’d stake my claim
No matter how different we are
We all battle the doubt brought on by pain
Our struggles have not been the same
Your perception of the depth of the hurt is valid and as indisputable as the rain

We live in a world that’s adapted to saying “I’m ok”
When it’s so obvious that the hurt seems permanently tattooed on your face
Where it’s easy to hide behind a profile and be whoever you want to be
To be a perfect depiction of the you minus affliction
Give the world what they want to see

Without embracing your dark you will never recognize your light
We’ll get caught up in the glimpses of momentarily perfected senses
Render our defenses senseless and lose sight of our light

So why not fight your way through
Let the world see your wounds and To yourself be true
At the end of it all nobody has to truly live with yourself but you
Why don’t we stop suffering in silence and embrace the internal violence
And sort out the parts of ourselves that are made up vs true

Where there is pain there lives an opportunity for growth
Unless you take the step you’ll stay stuck at home
Even if it’s just mental
Embrace a task far from simple
But offers a great reward than any you’ve known
To realize your worth and your destiny given at birth
That the life you were created to live has been stifled and is being rivaled by self
Discover your true inexhaustible wealth