Between you and I…

Psalm 147:3 ESV
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

The reason you understand me is because we share the same pain
The same half muted song with same chorus
The same ambitious aspirations with the same inexplicable refrain
Although our lives have been as different as our names
We were raised on different planes
Yet, my words surge through your heart like a freight train with crimson rain cascading down its window pane
We both have learned the subtle comfort in the silent disengage
You and i endure the sigh as the minutes clang by as our fight throughout the nights continues to rearrange
The same streams of dreams
Despair of nightmares
The manic lows and the whimsical glare
We both know the song sung by the sparrow caged
The thunderous silence blinding all senses with a violent rage
The same skewed view of our reflection disparagingly
Although we walk shoe after shoe through this paradoxical parody
You and i are one in the same
Two different brains wired to distain the same view of the worlds conjoined frame
Endured the same misunderstood blame
We struggle with the same debilatating shame
Our skin color may contradict but our past triggers cause us to predict the same rain
We bask in the same sun
We run the same race ducking the same shun
Generally genderally different as is a monk to a nun
No matter how different you are from me what remains the same when the day is done
Is that we’ve had the same amount of time to give praise to The Father and His Son.
We might live in different social settings
Statusly categorized in different apparatus’
But to you and I the same thing matters
Healing this hole in the heart that began at life’s start
Dug out and shaped by others imposed will
The current love shared by the others present falls off the cliff
nose-diving into the seemingly endless drift in a deserted desert and it’s darkened chill
While we desperatly desire to be pulled out of the quagmire of stagnancy
Our pause’s pregnancy is laced with latency
Waiting to feel
I just sit here waiting to feel
The one lesson we’ve learned has been etched into each retna
That we should now and forever more yearn for the trifecta
Where we finish this race in fourth
Feet bloody, blistered, and sore
The reason you I understand you is because we seek the same name
We may call it different things
Yet the truth remains
that there is only one source for the healing we seek
There is no greater ask of He who created the task
Of He who died a horrible death so that we may ask
Jesus Christ please come and heal me.

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