A needed question

Although young in her teens we stood eye to eye
The dialtion in her pupils couldn’t hide her curiosity
She asked me a question that planted a seed deep inside of me
She asked me why great artists commit suicide
Not knowing the answer was in her question for a measure to God I emphatically applied
Also realizing I couldn’t answer her question without my own souls pulverizing confession

The short answer goes by many names but commonly referred to as depression
Mental health has many variances but should be addressed upon detection

The long answer lies deep in the recesses of this mental compression
I believe their hyperactive imaginations which allowed them to create such masterful works of art
Started in their ability to understand the inexplicable
Their inability to translate this caused actions to be enacted upon others which to themselves seemed unforgivable
Because they could access both portions of their ventricle cavity
The distortion of the complexity drove them to a deep state of depravity
In isolation they wallowed being swallowed by a heavy dose of shame which chiseled their morality
They did anything they could to numb out this reality
Their mental health became self diagnosed and confusing when others decided
That they were mentally unwell when not being fully educated so their view of themselves and others opinions collided
Between their skewed view of their true selves and the voice of the addiction
Their senses were warped and truth became divided
The feeling of being shunned and outcast tasked then to hide it

See, some artists are emotionally overdeveloped and affectionately under
In their downtime they process feelings that some will never discover
They were fighting a war in which they were drafted which is a far cry from being reluctantly enlisted
They were at home in the darkness and desperately crave to be sought when they went missing
I think great artist have a different understanding and capacity for love
Depending on their personality and their shaping
Their creativity can seem torturous and it can feel like their foundation is breaking

The ones that survive and learn how to thrive find comfort in the mystery
They know they can’t go it alone and force themselves to seek help
Their mental state doesn’t always equate but they choose not to accept the suffering as their fate
They face down their fear and go blow to blow with the pain
They have others who speak light into the darkness and shelter them from the rain
They live their lives expository and take back their power from the lies
They seek God in whatever form they know to hold them when they cry
They are unabashed and unashamed of being broken at their inmost place
Because deep calls to deep they find those that understand life in this space
Along the way God sent them people as milemarkers at every fork in the road
Through their expression they found hope
With this direction they found the right way to go

I want you to know

It’s OK to feel unstable and unable to go on
Just don’t stay there and make this your foundation
This can not be your home
Depression comes and goes and for some it stays too long
Don’t suffer in silence and endure the violence that doesn’t need to be prolonged

We live in a world that tells you you’re wrong for being different
They love it when your pleasing but run away because you’re gifted and not meeting their demand
Stand up straight
Conjoined and erect
Because you are built to withstand
So spread your wings and leave the cliff in which depression built
Allow others to be the wind beneath your wings when your trajectory begins to tilt
Never let this world define you because another you has never existed
Enjoy the sunshine and embrace the joy because the storms will make you miss it
But in this storm never forget that The Son will always listen

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