Philippians 4

How much different would this life be if I focused only in what’s in front of me

If you relaxed your grip and released your fingers
To let slide through every desire you’re letting linger
Because no matter what you profess with your words
There’s something we all feel we’ve worked hard to acquire and the results we deserve

What if there was a way your sanity could be preserved

Multi-tasking is a myth and your attention can only span for one cause fully
To be doubled minded leaves your focus split and leaves you double blinded
Our consideration of deliberation cannot function in different directions simultaneously
Our best intentions to deter our comprehension from our current apprehension
Is like shackling our shadow to be dragged by yesterdays henchmen

Making it hard to stay steady

In the same manner when we stay aggressively focused on tomorrow’s waving banner
Tomorrow is not ours to judge and best case we are imagining a picture painted on a canvas of yesterday’s grudge

Yesterday’s experience offers us a wide palette of delirium

With every stroke the picture we conceive of truth is so jaded, distorted and contorted from our limited ability of what we believe
This picture we pursue
Causing us to chase after things and people that don’t truly exist
Leaving us stuck in double mindedness and not able to reach toward what we want
Every failure to grasp what we feel like we deserve to have
Is another finger clenched from the rigor mortis of the death of unquenched desires
The arthritis sets into the soul making it painful to even think of an attempt to hold
Much less open our hands and expose the welts in our palms
To a world that tells you to knuckle up and push on

Can we open our hands and lift them to sky
Lean not on what we understand and die to needing to know why
Can we trust that we are children of a Father who has good gifts and will perpetually heal every wound we expose


As the scarring begins, the pain will go
As the scarring begins, the pain will go

Can we trust that in this moment we have everything we need and everything’s that happened to us will be vindicated
Can we trust in that although this redemption we don’t always see
That we can rest in His presence and tomorrow will contain what we need

How much different would this life be if we could only focus on the extent of what we see
How much different would we see if we gave up control over what we think we want

What if there a way to preserve your sanity

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