With a light such as mine comes a shadow that covers the land
When my emotional landscape loses face because the light has to run its own race
Both are equally important
The type of darkness that clouds your vision and in imprisoned by distortion
I don’t trust anything I see in front of me so I can only rely on what I feel to make it out
Yet I trusted the light and now it’s gone so my sight is inviting the doubt
With such a depth of blindness there’s no mirrors in the house
So reflectively my understanding of self has been doused
My disorder has stripped the rhythm from my circadian
My nights and days have become intertwined
My intestines are filled with the void of the zeal that tomorrow will be any different

Will tomorrow be any different

It’s impossible to tell time without light though
As my sundial is stuck at six below
The second hand ticks feel like supersonic booms through my soul
The minute hand stopped yet somehow the hours pass
At least I’m trusting the time is choosing to on go
As a man I’ve tried so hard to understand what it looks like to fully trust the promise over the circumstance
Yet when the circumstantial circumference is overshadowing my abundance
I get absent minded and I find it tough
To sit here and wait on the sun to come back around at it always has
Where I can tell time clearly and see the people near me and be willing to take their hands
So right now I sit and stare at what I think is a wall
There’s no corners in my room because the darkness has erased them all
I’m assuming the pictured memories are still there though my fractured revision of vision has erased them all

My fractured revision of vision has erased them all

I’m a man who puts his pain on display hoping to help somebody understand another leg of their soul
So they’re not limping through life walking in circles only pretending to be in a bilateral stroll
Yet it takes a toll and I don’t always know which way to go
But if I can find my way from under this shadow then I can come back and directionally help them through

I’ll be back from under this shadow before the day is through

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