Count on it

ONE of the most important rights we have as people is our ability to choose
A myriad of opportunities culminates at the core into TWO
To either be negative or positive
THREE syllables can route your life’s trajectory and fill your future with deposits
FOUR words I want you to remember if nothing else by the time we are through
YOU HAVE THE POWER to determine how you respond and what you will do
To choose to live an encouraging life is right in the middle of your FIVE fingers
For you’ve been handed a gift to take a bad moment and believe that you can uplift
Something as simple as knowing your day might rate a 4 but choosing to call it a SIX
To choose to believe even when it feels like self-deceit will shift the outcome
So go ahead and call it a SEVEN
The power of your choice to take responsibility for your happiness is not one to debate
This decision to focus and execute your life’s vision should be number one on your list and not number EIGHT
If it’s not and other things are in the way
Then before it becomes NINE it’s time to reasses
Because you owe yourself more than self neglect and expect to see greatness
Look yourself in the mirror and say “SELF, YOU ARE A TEN!”

For you are a masterpiece according to Ephesians 2:TEN
Your relationship with yourself should be top priority
So if it’s rating at a NINE you might be misaligned
But don’t let the negative statements become the majority
No-one has the power to control how you feel so if you’re up at EIGHT keep going
By the time you’re at SEVEN you’ll start to believe in your light and start to seeing it glowing
For if you were given SIX gifts then SIX gifts you are responsible to steward
Don’t just focus on the FIVE you think are the best
All of your makeup is fearfully and wonderfully made and no part of you is a mistake
If you don’t believe then stop and repeat at least FOUR affirming statements a day
THREE to encourage yourself and one to encourage others
Until the TWO voices of negative and positive self talk come into alignment with one another
Others may ignite the spark to change your heart but nothing will happen until you to choose to believe past the doubt
For there is but ONE person on this earth that can change you
That is you