In The Belly of Kypseli

From atop my roof I have a birds eye view

Of crowded streets and a city that doesn’t sleep

It’s hard to rest when you’ve been on the run for weeks

It’s hard to be content when hunger has your knees bent

Having to choose between shelter from the weather or whether your family will eat 

I didn’t know you before but now I see who you are clearly

How your broken heart breaks mine but God holds you dearly

You are so much more than anything that I imagined

You possess the kind of beauty unrestrained by entrapment 

This city has a heart that beats out an unrelenting rhythm

These streets are paved with dreams and a soul that where borders were given

You have had to flee your dwelling place but home is where you are loved

I now know what home is as it drips from your pores

The heat from your embrace has given way to opening my heart’s closed door

We are worlds apart but still we are kin

You are not alone and you will never be 

For as long as you are His then we are family

My world knows pure joy because God brought us to Greece together for this season 

For one reason

To love one and care for each other and of this you’ve taught me the true meaning

The true meaning of glory cascades through your story

A story of hope and how to live

How you dare to be known by more than what’s shown 

The media may not ever truly portray but the news should read like this



Your story is so much more than the way it’s been marketed 

More than the blood red circles spilling out into the streets from where you’ve been targeted

There’s the pure white rings of bravery on corners where freedom rings 

There is the uprising against the slavery that abandonment brings

You are not forgotten and not just lost clinging to hope

There is brilliance in your resilience and not just defeat wearing you like a handed down coat

Hidden within the pockets of fear are pure dreams Whispers that are joy soaked

Dissipated prayers mixing with the clouds at The Lords feet continuing to rise high

Fight Athens fight and don’t lose sight of the finish line 

Your story of planted faith into infertile soil have grown into might oaks of peace 

Its deeper than spiritual to witness the miracle of flower petals breaking through metal and concrete 

They give shade in which you bathe and your children can lay their heads and sleep 

Your story is more than just cruelty towards women and kids

With no other self expression except the compression of their fist 

The anger that pours from their eyes will subside

Our Father in Heaven grieves at their loss as they feel tossed to the side

He hears all of your cries 

But your are not a burden 

He sees you and calls you worthy because you are His design 

He says I have called you by name – you are mine

When you pass through the waters, they will not sweep over you 

I will cover you and you will survive

When you walk through fire you will not be burned

I know the flames are hot and I won’t even pretend to understand your nights nor your days

Yet the Lord says “I have called you to a citizenship that can’t be taken away”

Telling a great story requires a great ending

Please be assured there is no story greater than yours

As He rescued Jonah from a whale’s belly

He has plans to prosper you and not leave you in the refuge of kypseli 

Before I came here I saw you as different and after looking deep into your eyes

Behind the mask of your cornea where you hide undisguised 

Know that I see you and between us two theres only one real difference

That I will never know what it’s like to truly overcome impossible circumstances that have been given

You are not forgotten and you’ve taught me the true meaning of hope

I hope you know that you are love in its purest form

You’ve cleared my vision and given me light that only you have the power to show 

You’ve taught me that love is a choice and in return I can only offer your my voice

But your story will be told wherever I go 

Of the true essence of humanity in every one of your hearts swelling

The true story of the awakening dwelling in kypseli

Of what it looks like to press on to the finish line 

To push past exhaustion and disparity and to run your race well

From this day forth our stories will forever be intertwined to sing your song unsung

I will echo this story until there’s no longer breathe in my lungs 

Thank you for allowing my refuge in your city

Until my dying day I’ll never forget how you’ve changed my life in such a dramatic way

I wont have the words to fully capture my souls raptured projected display