The Hive

God lives in Athens and walks with the people

A life lived so simple 

Adapted to be captured through the focus of a thimble 

The brokenhearted spiritually imparted stitched together with The Lord’s needle

Light that shines through the cracks of the concrete

You can feel the cultural pride seep from the eyes of everyone you meet

There is a history here as old as time

A simmering pot that’s brimming and hot, truly defining familial wealth

The great poets wrote themselves into history

A smattering of the superficial on the surface with a deep sense of mystery

It’s where the thespians tiptoed onto the pages of tomorrow

Where masks where worn to intensify their devotion to emotion 

From joy to sorrow

Where other countries became so enamored with the life

That they raped and pillaged villages to try to imitate the strife

It’s a city that struggles to keep itself intact 

Despite being bled out the pillars still stand 

They knew what to do when stripped of their hues and left with only white and black

Arms that hang low enough to drag their fingers through the dirt

With nothing left but each other 

They told the stories of generational love to maintain their worth

The trees lining the streets are filled with bittersweet fruit

Low hanging yet sustaining and rearranging their truth

The food taste like what I imagine heaven’s feast to be

Through twisted arms of love they feed each other delicacies 

Raging rivers of passion pour out as does aggression from their speech 

Maybe I just understand but I’ve been living in a land where I feel like people truly see

They crowd the parks at all hours of the night

So many races exchanging glances as they bellow below streetlights 

There’s a consistent buzz that comes from the hive

From the windows the glass sweats as it expands from the heat

Of dancing and laughter as this pseudo family sits around the table and eat

They are so young in their years but no trepidation nor fear

Could keep them from pouring out their heart to people that live here

A blonde hair blue eyed american with a heart as big as Texas 

Locks arms with an olive skinned friend 

So petite and unique but for you to confuse that weakness would be wreckless 

To their side stands a spirit where her cross is removed from her name

For she carries it on her back day after day to ease others pain

A young man who I look up to and has taught me gentle love 

When he smiles there is a sincerity that can only come from above

Behind them stands a man so strong yet so soft

As around them dances a child like joy overflowing with a joy that this world couldn’t turn off

Everyday we came back to the sweet aroma of rhythm and bass 

With every burner on and a deep annunciation and hard stops in her song

This place has touched me at a depth I don’t have the words to truly articulate 

But each of you have shown me beauty from volcanic hearts erupting from your face 

You’re a community that delivers sweet honey as a salve to wounded tribes

You’re protected with God’s immunity resuscitating those who thought they had died 

Yet instead, they know true life

Jesus said “let the children come” and you took that as your literal mission to offer shelter 

Here they know they are safe beneath The Hive’s physical and spiritual umbrella