Ground Zero

Mass bombings are memorialized

Yet shooting a mass when emotionally triggered for whatever reason

Yields yet a news story

I guess it’s just so boring

Or is it that when the narrative fueled by guts and glory

Perpetually repeats in a generational retelling the telling of this story

I remember standing at ground zero and while I thought about the hero’s

I mainly focus my attention on the death

There was a death of the passengers from hostages they tarried

I think about the pilots who must’ve tried to fight it

Wondering what they’d done in their lives for such evil invited

The people in the building when just to their day their yielding when from deep in the view from the side

A sight unseen that they’ll never see again

Some suffered and some went clean

Until the heroes of faith shaped the recovery

They pulled the living from the shrubbery

Off to the healing they went

While I see this place of trauma memorialized with the slogan “never forget”

I wondered why we celebrate emphatically traumatic spaces

Is it because we come worship at a shrine of all the things we lost in the fire

When it would be so much healthier to rebuild into the fertile ground

Where roots seep deep and burrow

Grow into beautiful oaks soaked in majesty

Hugged redwoods bonded so deep beneath

That the sun rays cascade on days when The Spirit slowly descends in the form of a leaf

Where it lands in a pond and the ripples spawn

Each with its own version of the event

That lead to a shore where the sands are perfectly warm

As you watch the swans of your life fight to carry the beauty that within you resides

Singing a gorgeous gala type song

Inviting you here as is where you belong

But we memorialized the trauma and spun an echo through time

That drowns out the conviction that we feel deep inside

That tells us we need to just let the we we used to be go for the haul

Why are we we standing reading our past names

Why are we stalled…

Yet when the damage inflicted on domestic soil

Doesn’t get the recognition to memorialize at all

Because we are so focused on what was done to us

We seldom take the time to asses the damage being done to self

It’s so much easier to “never forget” nor heal from the perpetual statutory harm heaped upon ourselves

There’s no one to blame when we inflame anxiety ridden days upon those within our lane

But we’ve memorialized what’s happened to us

Unforgivable transgressions justifying micro aggressions

Help us alleviating the pain continually appalled

So we stand reading our past names

Stuck in the blame we have stalled…