Conflicting Kingdoms

Daniel 1

  • Daniel is not afraid to put God’s ways up and against the ways of the Babylonian kingdom
  • God has given us commands for good reason and we’re not inferior for following them
  • We should seek God for proficiency in the various ‘kingdoms’ in which we work.

I’ve strayed so far away until I felt that I couldn’t find my way home
I’ve faltered
My dependency on God is not what it used to be
I stopped living for His kingdom and I started living for me
The job that I have allowed me to taste success
and for a moment it felt like it felt the best
but like the rest that I felt was the best
It left me empty and feeling less than best
I was so much happier when I was living simply
Bank account empty
Much harder for the devil to tempt me
Sometimes living for His kingdom can be as painful
As pulling un-anesthetically tooth by tooth
With pliers
The problem came when on a scale between heaven and my life
Self rose higher
My desire was to hold something tangible
My world turned cold and my mind became cannibal
Feasting on itself
The devil is a liar and a thief and he came to steal my soul
But I know
The proof is in my destiny
And no matter how much this world is testing me
I can never give in
To a life of sin
Pursuing my place in heaven on my own
Alone I can never win
No matter how many worldly things I attain
It adds nothing to my heavenly gain
Trying to navigate my life w/ out God has caused me so much pain
I was Blinded
Like driving w/ no wipers peering through a shattered windshield in the rain
My destination
I couldn’t find it
But w/ God behind me, I fear no opposition
I meet this worlds demands w/ Gods commands.
My ability to speak and discern through composition
is what fuels my approach to travel this land speaking my heart and soul
out loud
Along the way I’m met w/ dismay for my display of the Lord that I serve
It was more pain than pleasure because the wrong scale I used to measure
And spent time trying to develop alone
The irony is I became so consumed trying to learn and teach His Word
That it interfered w/ my life which interfered w/ my light w/ interfered w/ my fight
all despite
I absolutely love God and live for his kingdom which completely contradicts mine
Matthew 6:33
We have to live in this world and not getting consumed in what it has to offer
Is the true test
We cant let this world become our kingdom and trust me I know how easy it is
Let your light shine before men as we set our eyes on the only kingdom that matters

One thought on “Conflicting Kingdoms

  1. Hi James,

    I really liked this poem. I can hear your “voice” clearly here. It flows. I really like when you use scripture in your writing and rhyme. I think your writing is more suited for the spoken word, and mine is not so much. You seem to be in your element as a performance poet.
    btw-you inspired me to write a blog on wordpress:

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