Angel Fire

There I stood atop that mountain
In the dead of night where the silence thick enough to cut with a knife
Grass wet as I lie there and mentally dissect my mentality
Knowing that at the end of this
One side of me would need not coexist
So one side of me had to become a casualty
In my internal war

Surrounded by those rocks connected with rope
A symbolization of the memories that I keep in stock cutting down my hope
Each rock
A vice that even if spliced would leave soldered ash and a permanent gash even after the healing stopped the pain
With the weight remove my soul had alot to gain

But both sides of me are as familiar as the other
One side nurtures like a sister
The other stands strong like a brother
One side keeps in deep thought
While the other hovers over equations with no real answer after which I sought
Deep calls until the deep and iron sharpens iron
One side sings a lullaby when the other can’t sleep
Each rock represents apart of me
With them I was surrounded with no exit to be found

In conversation with myself I told me I’d have to stay
I told me “you have to go so the better version of us can display”
I realized in that circle that life and death encases purpose
The Alpha To Omega is also Omega to Alpha
For they are cyclical and come as a package
One doesn’t come after
Yet and still death has to occur for life to come forth

So I left me behind where the sun breached the pines
Where the sky lights up with a beautiful glow
There in Angel Fire I watched my soul rise higher
Deep into a re:quest to know
Late into my twenties yet an old tired soul
For I rarely stopped to think about process as I’d prefer less talk and more go
Even in letting that go I realized it cleared up vision just enough to find more incisions in my soul
Yet I address them differently
My woes don’t hinder as much they used to impede my flow

With the sunrise on that mountain we saw A Light brilliantly astounding
As we basked in it our heart was steadily pounding
The experience confounded by our surroundings
As The Light began to surround us
I could feel our insides leap to our feet
For our deserted plain had found The Fountain
Refreshed with a new hope to not remain on continued doubting
We connected with The Source of our life and decided to no longer go out without Him

The perilous journey in which I partook to get over those rocks where I kept the pain stocked
Was worth every stop to get me to that mountaintop