Absolutely everything you take in or comes from your heart
Passes through the filter of who we are
A filter comprised of all that we’ve experienced
The good and the bad
The same and delirious
So that means that your initial reaction weaves itself in and out of holes in our souls
Moving in cruel fashion from faction to faction
Looking for where it belongs and longs for connection
So it settles for memories disguised in glimmering lies
That disconnect us from the protection of The Spirit that dwells inside
Now this thought has gotten lost on its journey and finds itself stuck in a place where the walls are defaced with murals of unworthy
Not only spawning a feeling of being unwanted
But now it’s planted roots in a world inside of us that’s haunted
In a split second it grew and branched out and dropped fruit
The internal landscape is now littered and bitter
Now the chemical response in our bodies embodies rain on a plane where the weeds remain
Until we no longer know the difference between watching weeds die and flowers grow
There’s so much power in a thought and to trace it to its origin to capture it and hold it hostage before it can leave your orifice
Is a task all in itself
If we’re not careful it will rewire our brains to think thoughts that we fought from allowing to remain
It will retire itself to the soul’s sanctuary and require a quest that makes all heroes legendary
If we don’t capture the thought before it ruins our day
We will begin to damage relationships that can’t be repaired in a day
At least that’s what the thoughts say
Thoughts like feeling neglected is created from memories when we were neglected
It’s as if I expect it so I subconsciously detect it
Seek it out and reflect it
So it’s to the point where my response is reflexive
So no matter what happens when it pertains to another person
It becomes interpreted through a filter that’s old as my mind can stretch
The thoughts live in the blank spaces
Chronologically lost and sporadically out of step
Misplaced somewhere in something we can’t remember
Yet we act out from repetition and this vehicle is self willed and on a crash course without keys in the ignition
Until we take the time and fight back against ourselves
The things we thought we controlled and placed on shelves
Will continue to drive out our deepest desires
Everything we think we think is being submitted to something
So many small thoughts get blown out of proportion and in the distortion
Our impregnated purpose gets aborted
By an imagination that’s fueled by ash shaped self hate
Because someone lit a match and walked away
The all engulfing fire is on us regardless of who sparked the flame
This filter which we live in this life
Can lead us to death or give way to light
It’s a choice and it gets tested a thousand times a day
Start by capturing just one and submit to The Light whether or not you believe it
Until it becomes second nature to seek out the good until seeking out the good becomes your primary behavior
Because filters we all have and they don’t always coincide
But belief is a powerful weapon when placed on the wrong side
Damages the most important relationship we will ever have
That’s you and the person you are inside and will create a great divide
A filter is just a filter and does not have the power we give
Because we are fearlessly fearfully and wonderfully made
It’s us who stops ourselves from living it
People come into our lives and leave seeds that grow into trees under which they will never sit in the shade
We can’t continue to let ghosts and memories dictate the way we behave
When the negativity rises up in you today
Capture that thought and submit it to The Holy Spirit and let Him show you the way


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