Me see me

In a parallel universe somewhere amongst the stars
There’s another version of me
Swimming amidst the immersion of sea
As I watch from the shore… so far
So far I go unnoticed in an equinox box locked between the celestial tick and tock
Of a pendulum that strikes right a day twice
As if my DNA spliced with the roll of the dice deep into the night
Where by dawn there spawned another version of me
As if within the depths of my loins was born this me
So foreign yet so familiar as if somehow familial
Though purposely estranged yet too close to disengage
If I were my brother I believe that I’d recognize
Yet if I were my sister I believe I’d protect and hide
But what’s closer than family
What’s more perplexing than a scrambled image dimming the lights that burn into the night
To look for me
As a prophesy takes shape within sight
As a forecasted storm blows in unexpected
The radar forewarned yet the clouds came undetected
As I try to grab hold to this new version of myself
All my chips for this new hand I’ve been dealt
My grip slips as I’m trying to hold my position
In a reflection where what I aim to see goes missing
Trying so hard to grasp to what’s no longer there
Although aware that that me has long gone
Maybe one day we’ll cross paths
As parallel is only parallel until the intersection of dusk and dawn
Because I stare at the sky late into the night
Wondering if the moon I see is within my sight