Inspired by Marvin Gayes “What’s Going On”

I don’t actually know what’s going on.
All I know is that we are all one body being raised under an umbrella of issues
that we can’t tackle as a divided nation.
We have one life that we can use for many purposes
but many of us feel so worthless underneath the surface that we end up gravitating toward feelings of desertion.
We can come together and deal w/ this disturbance but it takes one decision to be one.
We have so many puzzled pieces to put together glocally.
We need each other spiritually, emotionally, and we have to decide whats going on w/ us socially.
We are all God’s children and sibling rivalry is tearing us apart.
Think of the pain as a parent to watch your children combat and attack each other.
Drowning in shame we push back and detach from one another.
Imagine the pain as a parent of watching your child have such a beautiful gift and sift through people
as if they were searching for gold in grains of sand in a tinted hourglass and time is ticking
but we can’t see the hours pass, and very fast we are loosing moments to the past. What’s going on in a world where instead of gaining wisdom from past mistakes
we retake, relive, and repaint painful tragedies as if there would be a new outcome.
We can spread out across the world w/ love and compassion,
but we need not forget that we can locally manifest the same passion into our own community.
Wisdom takes time, and it takes big mistakes sometime’s to make us solid enough to not break,
or so we think.
Together as one we can stay afloat, but seperated we sink.
Wisdom will show through like sun rays on cloudy days.
Half of the time we don’t know they are there,
and it is not because we don’t care,
its because we are spending so much time thinking of ourselves not getting wet that we forget all of these beautiful rays make one sun.
As these words leave my mouth my throat chokes w/ the shame of knowing that I am guilty of all of these things.
The bible says “God, w/ joy he set forth toward the cross because he despised the shame in you.”
Just like me, you have to stop blaming you.
We all have secrets and skeletons in locked closets but somehow we still hear knocks and rings.
God please don’t let these things that haunt and taunt us keep us from you.
It has created such a great divide in my life and while i can’t speak for everyone,
for myself the apparent point is sharp as a knife.
God please don’t let our shame Keep us from each other, or ourselves.
Can you imagine the strength in knowing that you, as a sister, or brother, are not alone.
That I am here w/ you, for you, and as you, and you me?
No more you, no more me, no more us, no more we, just one.
Fathom the strength, the unity, and the unmovable community.
We have to accept, love, and care for each other as we do ourselves.
It’s time for us to ask ourselves and each other, what’s going on?