The year of change
This seems to be the common theme
Whether it be internal or external
Creating a churning burning turning into a sting
That has left you yearning for……..
For some they find the sedation of this feeling from external things
That’s like trying to answer your phone but nobodies home
The unrecognizable tone of an internal ring
Your roots are hungry yet you clip branches to produce fruit
Instead of watering the base we try to change face
Trying to erase the sting
In simpler terms
Your heart is calling to you
But It’s been so long since you’ve spoken
Your spirit has begun provoking and you are left not knowing what to do
For so long we’ve been buried and covered in the mud
There’s a deep desire to find the masterpiece exposed from being clean
One place your answer is found is Proverbs 8:17
A second profound sound resonates aloud
From Jeremiah 29:13
You are being called
It’s from deep within your soul
feeling around helpless in the dark
a deep abyss being slammed by the tidal wave of thought
when you dont know what to do
email or call me
and lets talk through Psalms 42.