For as long as I can remember
The embers have doused about
They dance amongst waves entitled to their tidal
Dissipation seemed eminent
Yet they burn
How doth fire grow against its enemy
They learn and understand that they are simply one strand
to a force that can’t be separated or coerced to disperse
Deep in their heat they’ve always felt
That somewhere and somehow they would reconnect to themselves
Those embers catch wind and move in different directions
They simmer in memories rekindled with no detection
Of how
As they connect to other embers their temperature rises
Connection has always been the key to eliminate disguises
Connection is the key to protection of each surprise that seem to only exist
To represent their demise
One ember realizes that next to another it gains knowledge and wisdom
It begins to learn of how and why it has continued to burn
It discerns although all flames may look the same they are not
This thought has begat a new chapter to kindle
it starts to spindle Its fellow ember
Fiery delusions of grandeur begin to dwindle
For you, most brilliant spark lurking out there in the dark
You are being pulled to the coal to learn how to hold
Your place amongst the fire that is about to burn
Embrace the heat and please know that you bring light to the void
You are light
light lives in you
fire lives in you
please do not let fear put it out
please do not give in to the thought that you will never burn bright enough
the light you cast is an illumination of our Creator
the blind do not fear the dark so acknowledge your spark
your lenses have been cleared to bring into view what you’ve always tried to hear
and for as long as I can remember your embers have doused about
understand that through all the years of world extinguishing
your fire has not been put out
it has simply become more distinguished
it burns…..