Silent fear

Willfully into the silence
Into the dark
Into the quiet
It’s just you and your thoughts
Your regrets and broken hearts
Everything you thought you buried
Rushes up and attacks your psyche
Thus this just might be
Where you see how weak you are
And how The Lord is mighty
It’s where the enemy reminds you
How undeserving you are of Grace
Its where he points out every flaw and wound from the war
That have been etched into your face
That you’re a disgrace
That your life at its height is only suitable for a grave
It’s where my addictive and dark prescriptive imaged lifestyle comes to play
It’s where the sickest mess in the thickest text runs across in 3D cinematic display
Where all of the evil actors give an an Oscar winning performance in a pragmatic scripted play
But I fight
For my soul to stay
Dormant until my spirit becomes absorbant to what The Spirit has to say

Everything that the devil reminds you of in that silence
is an opportunity for God to remove and redeem your victory amongst the violence
It’s where God has a chance to quiet the world’s song and dance
It’s where He invites you into a romance in which you were created to joyfully sway
To and fro
It’s where He reveals the answers to questions you haven’t thought to ask
Where your burdens are lifted and your gifts get gifted
In His healing oil you get to bask
Where the surreal becomes real and His love you can feel
Though it seems an insurmountable task
It’s where you sit and listen for what you should ask
Give into the painful chisel of what you so desperately desire ridding
Your ugly and your bad

It’s a place where you’re welcome
With open arms
Don’t let the devil be what he is
The author of confusion and harm
Stop trying so hard to fix everything
Listen to the sounds that surrounds
Listen to how the birds with no shelter still find reason to sing

Journey into the silence
It’s where God is waiting
His promise is true
Of you
There has never been forsaking.

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  1. Wanting to go to a mountain, an island, a park, a nook or cranny – where no one could find me but HIM

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