Addiction creeps in as a still small voice
Soft and sweet to the canal
As it slips into your body and makes it way into your heart
It numbs the pain that’s just insane to let yourself feel
The fictional depiction that it can somehow help
Alleviate the pain and abbreviate the damage to self
It feels like ointment to your hands trying to block the blows that are dealt
It runs gently through your soul as antibiotic to the welps
It grows into a temporary frolic through the meadows
Where theres never a cloud in the sky and the hills are accented with rainbows
It’s a place where the rain doesn’t go
Where the sun forever shines to accentuate the halo

Until it begins to storm violently in its absence
The tumultuous tortuous rains feel like sharp glass shards through your skin
The impending flood causes your core to shake and shiver
Bringing hallucinations like bathing in absinthe
Where the thoughts come parading like a herd of wild beasts
Your memory vividly remembers everything you’ve seen
Everything you’ve felt and to you everything that’s been done
Where your two faced life is painfully spliced
Yet still connected by your knees as the flesh is ripped and torn on the concrete
Making it impossible that from yourself you can run
It makes you curl up on the floor naked and positioned fetal
As over your head they swarm
Every imaginable invention of evil
Where your demons take form and they steal your voice
So they sound just like you
In your head telling you what to feel and what to do
As you shake and cry and moan in pain
You remember the place where you feel no pain
You remember the warmth that mixes with the blood in your veins
Back into the meadow and repetition remains the same

Addiction is running rampid and just because it can’t be seen
Doesn’t mean you’re not still stuck between the harsh reality and a beautiful dream
Just because it’s not drugs or alcohol doesn’t make it any less deadly as rancid acidic rain
It steals your tomorrows and fills them with sorrow
Afraid of what’s to come so from today you borrow
A little time and space to save face but case after case
Our addictive behaviors are screaming for a Savior
For some it’s as simple as anger and for some it’s being happy
For some it’s simply addicted to our belief that my way is right
Whatever your vice
It consumes the joy from your life
That thing when opposed brings out the fight
We use it to cover up the deep piercing pain
Yet still insane we keep adapting
As long as you keep lowering your rock bottom there’s no need to get back up
As long as you keep denying you got em you can keep your hand, hide your eyes and continue to bluff
Yet there is only one way to authenticity
It’s alive in our souls propensity to fight on and never die
It’s the death, ressurection and life of Jesus Christ
It’s the transformative journey that must be taken
It’s the model set before us for the power of being awakened
Addiction is a monster that is parasitic in nature
It is an earthly give not born to us by our creator

The last thing you should do is box them in a cage
Of your desires and wants because you can’t feel their rage
You can’t understand what it feels like unless you own up to yours
You have to love them firmly and walk them to door
Where the light shines bright enough to fill the room through the cracks
You should pray for them and relay to them that your love isn’t intended to be taken back
Odds are they dont know how it got so bad
It crept in as a small voice
Soft and sweet into the pain
Before it outstretched it’s arms and vowed never to leave
It was already past their internal alarms
The wound covered before it could bleed
Addiction is an oak that was born from a suggested seed
It needs to meet to The Tree of Light
The one that shines brighter than the darkest forest and impossible to unsee

Addiction can be overcome but it takes a powerful hand
Show them the way to Christ The Lord and let them see Jesus The Man
If with addiction you struggle know that there is hope
Know that you are still loved and for you there is still hope
Just call His name and He will be there
To love you right where you are
Broken down and scared
It’s impossible to do alone
The isolation to which you are prone doesn’t have to be your home
Externally it may not show
But your interior has been designed to go towards the light so you know
It doesn’t have to end there and there is a way out of the suffer
Just let Jesus love you and He will bring the others
I speak to you from experience
Not as a spectator watching the show
It will be worth every painful step
You have to decide to go
There is freedom for you on the other side of this
There is freedom for you on the other side
There is freedom for you
There is freedom….

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  1. Thank you for this! I hope more people struggling with addictions find peace in this, as I have!

    Thank you brother!

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