I Got Your Back

I stand in line emailing from my phone
Instead of inhaling goodbyes and exhaling hellos
Hoping this guy doesn’t talk to me while I wait for my cappuccino

Isolating myself
Online posting to share my internal depth

when my phone rang the vibration stings my hand
Ill text him right back
After all
He is my closest friend
And I got his back

His voicemail sounded frantic
He said spiritually he was under attack
I responded w/ a facebook message saying
I got your back

It seems we live in a day
Where we no longer verbally relay
Or say
I got your back

We expect the implication to be detected in an online chat
He lost all that he had and seemed so sad to me
So I simply replied IGYB

I got your back

Our generation suffers most from technology
When online you can master everything from physics
To sociology
Which is ironic at the minimum

Physical rejection has caused us to reach for virtual acceptance
Where any stranger can become friend
And it seems that friends become distinct strangers

What does it mean to have a conversation in this day
are we are in danger of being able to communicate this way

One thought on “I Got Your Back

  1. This is my favorite poem. I really like the meaning and connection to our current ways in technology.

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